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     ADR, is used to predict the next trading day opening performance of Hong Kong stocks, assuming ADR rose 100 points, or forecast to rise when the Hong Kong stock market opened about 100 points. The ADR (American Depositary Receipt / ADR) is listed in the U.S. non-US         companies, through investment instruments traded in the form of notes, bills typically contain a certain number of shares of the underlying securities.

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    The VIX (Volatility Index) Volatility Index, also known as index option implied volatility of the weighted average income after the index. 

    The exchange rate is a currency exchange rate of the currency of another country, is the price of one currency expressed in another currency. Due to the different names in the world of national currencies, currency varies, so one country's currency against the currencies of other    countries to provide for a exchange, namely the exchange rate. 

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